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The Spire – Game Dev Diary 2

April 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Figured almost a month has gone by and I’ve had the chance to work on this project a bit in between class work and job hunting, so here we go.


I’ve actually made a decent amount of progress, both in visuals and mechanics.

  • Added Chomper (big guy)
  • Special destruction effects (wood splinters, bloods)
  • Added two weapons (wooden sword, whip)
  • Added pickups (potion)

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The Spire – Game Dev Diary 1

March 19, 2013 Leave a comment

Not too long ago I decided to start a personal game project for two reasons.  1) To work on my own thing for a while (and thus maintain sanity) and 2) Make a fun little prototype of a game.  It may be that I haven’t paid much attention to the indie scene as much, but it always seemed odd to me that one of my favorite games, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, only existed within its own series.  The Metroid-vania style of gameplay where it’s predominately platforming with melee as the main form of combat.  There’s also a large emphasis on RPG elements like equipment customization and levels along with an expansive environment to explore.  The game is often said to be one of the best in the series but there are few games out there that try the same thing outside of the Castlevania franchise.

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